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The Vengeful Mods of Mount Omit-This

We demand ... a sacrifice!

The Vengeful Mods
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Welcome, immortals! Here on Mount Omit-This, we, the vengeful moderators of several LiveJournal communities, vent our divine spleens at the jerks who maketh our communities tough to rule. We speak of the loneliness of omnipotence, we marvel at what fools these mortals be, and every once in a while we bust off a lightnin' cap in someone's ass.

How to ascend to this rarefied air:

  • Thou must submit a plea for admittance.
  • Thou must be a moderator of a community of no less than 50 disciples. We shalt checketh on this.
  • Thou must have seen Clash of the Titans at least once, and have the ability to laugh heartily. Ha ha ha!
  • Thou must taketh this shit in the spirit it was intended, and don't busteth my spheres.

    The moderator is beatnikside, and if you ask me, he's doing a terrible job.
  • being mysterious, big-assed temples, disparaging, enjoying mortal sacrifices, laughing heartily, moderating, overlording, peering down jealously, seducing feeble-minded mortals, sir laurence olivier, smiting, smiting again, taking unwarranted revenge